The committee are working with partners to obtain funding, first for a development officer and then together to seek investment for a new building over the road on the site of the current football pavilion. A feasibility study carried out in 2011 by Cardiff University showed the need and support for a new development, this has recently been added to by the Garw Valley Garden History & Heritage Companies own feasibility study for a heritage centre and the two studies have now been incorporated into one document to take both projects forward in one building. Whilst not cast in stone, the vision is to bring to fruition a new community centre/facility In Llangeinor that offers and achieves some or hopefully all of the following: Build and own an environmentally friendly building that caters for multiple, versatile and simultaineous use. The building will incorporate  (1) a main hall and platform to stage performances and some internal sporting activities, (2)  a comfortable lounge/relaxation area, ), (3) various meeting rooms of different sizes that are well equipped, (4) a suite for learning and outreach activities (equipped with the latest ICT), A bar/café that serves users of the centre but may also trade externally (eg provide external buffets, an evening takeaway on service etc. Space(s) suited to heritage, cultural and other affinity group usage relating to arts and crafts. An office, main reception area that is a point of contact for all. Light industrial kitchen facilities to provide catering services for small and large groups and training. Consultation areas suitable for usage by external organisations such as social services, health care, credit unions, post office etc. Changing rooms equipped with modern shower facilities to house both home and away teams and officials to support Llangeinor’s sports teams. Laundry/utility area to serve the building’s various uses including washing large items (eg quilts ) for the community. Accessible male and female WC’s including outside facilities for the benefit of users of the valley community  footpath and cycleway.
Other groups based in the ward meet in the centre weekly or monthly. Llangeinor Community Gardens. Garw Valley Anglers Association. The Richard Price Society. Garw Valley Garden History & Heritage Co Llangeinor Ward Community Partnership 31st26alSeptl for more information or see      Community News page.
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The Richard Price Centre Community News
The centre is run by a volunteer committee and we are always looking for more help even if it’s only for an hour a week
The Llangeinor Ward Community Partnership is a vital and friendly group of community-minded folk who hold regular monthly meetings in the centre to discuss any issues affecting the lives of the community. Amongst other activities, the group host monthly PACT meetings, (open to all) and usually attended by our Police Community Support Officer  Janine Dulson, as well as providing links with Welsh Government and Bridgend County Borough Council. These meetings are also normally attended by our Bridgend County Councillor, Mrs Marlene Thomas. Once a year the group hold an AGM to share past, present and future aspects of the community, and all are welcome. In addition they can often be found providing support for key events.
The Llangeinor Ward Community Partnership At the September 2019 meeting it was voted to end the Partnership and to hold no further meetings
Groups brought together and supporting the partnership include. Friends of Tynyrheol School (PTFA) Calfaria Baptist Church Garw Valley Anglers Association Garw Valley Garden History & Heritage Jackanory ( Mothers and Toddlers ) Llangeinor Boys and Girls Club Llangeinor Community Gardens Llangeinor Rangers Football Club Saint Ceins Church
Contact Contact
Click the underlined names for contact information where available.
    Broadband News All the cabinets in the valley have now been upgraded to fibre (FTTC) so we should all now have Superfast Broadband.  
The Llangeinor (7) cabinet went live on the 14th Jan, you can now order upgrades to Fibre Broadband for faster speeds which are available from your current supplier, (or choose a new one,)  and you could expect speeds between 30Mb to 80Mb depending on how far you are from the cabinet !
Click HERE, and enter your phone number to check. If you are a Sky or Talktalk customer you will need to contact them direct as the test above only works for BT supported lines.
The fibre infill cabinet (8) has been installed at the lower end of Llangeinor and is on line, it will improve speeds greatly for those at that end. All of the valley cabinets have now been upgraded !.